“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” –Joshua J. Marine

This quote is the foundation of Elite Family Chiropractic and has played a huge part in our calling to help people.

Dr. Scott Haggerty

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, as an only child. As a result I gravitated towards other kids and was always incredibly active and took to sports from a young age. After playing football and wrestling in high school, I became an avid weightlifter in my college years.

At 19 years old I experienced a back injury that would change the course of my life. After trying all of the conventional medical options, I was left with debilitating pain for many years, until I met someone at the gym that suggested I try chiropractic care.

Not only did I experience incredible pain relief, I had many other positive changes to my health. My focus and attention dramatically improved, my immune system became stronger, I no longer suffered from allergies, I was able to sleep through the night, and my digestion normalized.

The more I learned, the more interested I became in this amazing profession that had changed my life. I knew that I needed to help people the way my chiropractor had helped me!

Dr. Lena Haggerty

I always knew I wanted to make a difference in the world and help people, I just wasn’t sure how. Growing up with my mom, dad, and brother in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, I made big plans for myself and I believed there was nothing that couldn’t be accomplished with hard work, determination, and sacrifice.

After graduating college from the University of Akron, I moved to Columbus, Ohio for a new job and had no idea the journey that awaited me. I had suffered with headaches and other immune challenges for several years and didn’t realize that this wasn’t normal.

Shortly after I married Dr. Scott I had a bout with an illness and headaches that changed the course of my life. I went to several doctors and had many tests performed. Still no answers. It was suggested that I start taking medication. This was not something I wanted to do because I knew there must be a reason for what I was experiencing.

Chiropractic care not only gave me answers, it gave me relief and improved my immune and digestive function. My eyes had been opened to a new solution and I was motivated to share it with the world!

Our Calling As Chiropractors

Through a series of experiences and life events, we made the decision to leave our life and home in Ohio and become doctors of chiropractic. We knew it was a big life change, but we also knew it was our chosen path. The opportunity to help people in such an amazingly positive way was something we felt called to do. However, our journey to a pediatric focus came from a series of twists and turns that occurred after we graduated.

Our daughter Olivia was born 6 weeks before Dr. Lena graduated from chiropractic school. It was not the textbook delivery we had planned and hoped for. After 33 hours of labor, a beautiful baby girl was born! However, there were “side effects” to that long labor and delivery. She had difficulty feeding, digestive issues, irregular bowel movements, and trouble falling and staying asleep. As a toddler there were emotional regulation difficulties, and we knew that something just wasn’t right. We became familiar with work a colleague of ours was doing in Illinois, where he was helping kids with a variety of nervous system challenges through chiropractic care. We started to learn more and quickly realized this was the answer we had been looking for. We had a new hope and certainty that chiropractic care would help our daughter! After watching the amazing results she experienced, we knew that we needed to help kids and families just like ours. So we immersed ourselves in learning how to become the pediatric chiropractors our community needed.

Once we saw the positive changes in our daughter, we finally knew how we were going to make a difference in this world. We were going to help save kids and families from a life of dis-ease, frustration, medication and struggles. We were going to help them through the power of pediatric chiropractic!

Our Family

Our Family is Our Why! We have two amazing kids, our daughter, Olivia, and our son, Elijah. We believe that it is so important to live an active and healthy life and set that example for them. They know and understand how important chiropractic is to their health. It’s amazing to watch them thrive, utilizing the ‘move well, eat well, think well’ principle. We love that they are learning what true proactive healthcare looks like from such a young age!

Our family loves outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, as well as time at home baking healthy treats, playing board games and enjoying movie nights. Our favorite family show is American Ninja Warrior and our kids love trying to conquer the obstacles!

We enjoy being an active part of our school, church, and healthcare communities. We are truly blessed to have the ability to impact other children’s and families lives in such a positive and profound way!

Want to learn more about Elite Family Chiropractic or how chiropractic care can help you? Please browse the rest of the site or contact us to book an appointment. We would love to hear from you!