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The Elite Family

As leading pediatric and family health experts, our practice is truly unique.  Each visit is a personal experience for our patients, like a visit with family.  You become a member of an amazing tight-knit care community.  We genuinely care for our patients and provide the highest level of care to help you achieve your health goals and improve your quality of life.  Many patients drive significant distances to receive our highly specialized, neurologically based chiropractic care for pediatrics, pregnancy, and family wellness.  Our specific adjustment techniques, coupled with our focus on the brain’s response to specific neurological inputs, have resulted in positive outcomes and incredible life changes for thousands of patients in North Royalton and the surrounding communities.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Scott Haggerty

Dr. Lena Haggerty

Drs. Scott and Lena lead a pediatric and family chiropractic clinic that provides exceptional care for complex pediatric cases as well as general pediatric and family wellness. Elite Family Chiropractic opened in 2012 with a mission to restore the health of the children and families in North Royalton and the surrounding communities. They are dedicated to empowering people with a message of what true health and wellness looks like and giving them the tools to live their best life possible.

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